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Question: Why do you not answer my question?

Answer: Gentle readers, customers;
We apologize for not replying to your question individually

A collective answer of your several good questions is as follows.

In the efforts to making available only healthiest food at your EduKational Restaurant, we definitely follow only evidence based globally accepted guidelines but we then do test those evidences on Buddhi, so we urge everyone to do so.

image:corrupt research

Evidence is the outcome of the findings in research studies. But the same research studies are deeply mired in corruption due to the involvement of vested interests. Most Researches are done for money and fame. Research on health and nutrition has become a scientific wand to fool, cheat and harm people.

Plagiarism in research is like cheating personal property of some one.But fraudulent research studies are tantamount to making fake currency to cheating, harming and causing irreversible the damage to entire humanity.

"And medicine seems comfortable allowing quacks and charlatans to prosper. Insane indeed." Mozaffarian… The Lancet DOI: http://dx.doi.org/10.1016/S0140-6736(16)30300-2

Besides, confirmation bias, publication bias and human error are the factors that warrant us remaining skeptical on the findings in research studies, even if it is considered as most well done and is highly publicized research studies.
Check at: Correct Info3

Question: Why At EduKational Restaurant…No added sugar in food?

Why At EduKational Restaurant… No added sugar in food, nor any fiber removed and bad Carbohydrate food, which includes sugary drinks and fruit juices?


Answer: Till date the available well established evidences from a large number of the reliable, honest, scientific research studies which were carried out since past centuries till now, clearly implicating the kind of refined unnatural the bad carbohydrates, which are in the form of fiber removed highly processed foods and fruit juice.

Sugar-sweetened beverage in the modern human diet is one of the main culprits causing obesity and diabetes, stroke, heart and other diseases.

Check these below reliable reports;

Curious may Check Bad and Good Carb at http://www.eduhealthfood.com/health03.html


Question: Why we retain to say No to even moderate to low consumption of alcohol, No to red wine?

Answer: Renowned Scientists committed fraud / misconduct in research studies for promoting red wines, and multivitamin supplements have been apprehended and have met legal consequences/Punishment. Curious may check at:
Correct Information
Research on alcohol has been financed and done in the alcohol addict society, on the top of that most researchers themselves are alcohol addicts, What result we can expect keeping in view the rampant ongoing fraud in research studies.
See more at: www.retractionwatch.com
May read this reliable report.

Alcohol, Even Light-to-Moderate Amounts, Provides No Heart Health Benefit'. Published in British Medical Journal on 10 July 2014 In BMJ, 2014;349:g4164
www.uphs.upenn.edu/news News_Releases/2014/07/holmes/

Question: Why to set up Edukational Restaurant?

Answer: As with building up temple, Gurudwara, mosque, church, university, school, hospital are essentials, so essential it is to set up a correct informative health food restaurant to make available healthiest food and also to providing opportunity and facilities to people to gain correct knowledge on health and nutrition as well as to learn prepare, choose and eat individually suitable healthy balanced food, or as we say at EduKational "Intelligent Eating",


and to adopt correct life style.

Your Question: Why eat food as Medicine

Answer: Because food has both prophylactic (protection from diseases) and therapeutic properties (curing diseases).

Cells and genes of human body are like police, military and others regulatory authorities in our body and have evolved with the most magical power (we need not looking for magic into capsules, tablets and other unnecessary herbal medicine, alternate health products, plans, devices, and in those self-styled health gurus) with infinite intelligence and wisdom to protect itself from the external and internal threats.

To help the Cells and Genes of our body to keep its administrative and fighting ability honed to deal with the pathogens, like viruses, bacteria, parasites, and to protect itself against environmental assaults, for example toxins, while keeping a tight control on the internal physiological functions like homeostasis, for example pH balance, and taming Microbiota..the gut flora, and to cut cancer, what we need is:

  • To be an honest and determined governer of our Body, to not to provide tobacco, alcohol, or unhealthy food and drinks to the cells and genes of our body ( as government of country does);
  • To resolve to pursue for Buddhi to understand what to believe and what not; and how to understand "what is correct information";
  • To, finally, take self control of our health;
  • To become Intelligent Eaters of the real natural food as medicne;
    ..... "the right strategy to avoid avoidable by birth diseases, avoid becoming untimely old, avoid illness and morbidity: to live a real quality of life in health and happiness and thereby help reduce poverty by saving your, and public(government), money which are spent on providing cures to those 75% of diseases which presently we are suffering, or likely to suffer from, that are actually avoidable", Scientists say.

Every food we put in our mouth profit-loss is going to decide whether we are in profit or in loss scales in terms of health.

Accumulation of losses of health, in moments, days, months, and years of unhealthy eating of unhealthy foods, results in obesity and untimely accelerated aging, which then increases the susceptibility to diseases like cancer, diabetes, and others.

Scientists at the University of Massachusetts Medical School (UMMS) are suggesting that even occasional indulgences may produce significant changes in gene expression that could negatively impact physiology and health.

Read more at, Food as "Herbs and Medicine" http://naturalhealthevidencebased.org/Food as herbs & medicine.html

Your Question: Why does United Global Human Family (UGH) want to help manage Edukational Restaurant?

Answer: To insure financial success and sustainability of the Restaurant while keeping the Edukational restaurant strictly adhered to its main purposes i.e. providing only healthiest food and correct knowledge to public and financial and other benefits to volunteers, members and local communities of UGH