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About Us

About Us - Thai Thai

We are people from all walks of life. We are trusted volunteers, members and local community of United Global Human Family.

We volunteer owners have made investment from our own sources or by borrowing funds from UGH, for setting up our own EduKational Restaurant to help raise funds for the UGH, and for the financial and health benefit for ourselves, Members, Local Committee and for the public.

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EduKational Restaurant business of the people is a part of Action Plan of UGH to pursue for achieving its Aims & Objective.

People are encouraged to join EduKational Restaurant Business as volunteer investors, members, and local committee for health and financial benefit.

UGH takes up full responsibility and control and gives complete help, through its Board of Consultative Committee which consists of professionals in health, nutrition, food science and agriculture, and other highly skilled staff like chefs, sales and administrative, to run the management of Edukational and to help the local community to grow farming products (using health friendly methods of farming) with buyback arrangement.

Younger customers at EduKational

At EduKational we cater for customers of all ages.

Customers at EduKational

Enjoy 'Intelligent Eating' at EduKational