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 16/181 Viphavadi-58, MubanSuksan, Taladbangkhen, Luksee, Bangkok - 10210.

Contact telephone: 0865488091 or 0818887223

Order for Delivery

Available only for orders nearby to Viphavadi-58

Please phone for delivery information and availability

Order food for Detox, Weight Loss, and for other Health Conditions

Order for special food which can be prepared specifically to your health condition (Like Bowel regularizing, Detox, anti-inflammatory, migraine reducing, and anti-diabetic food).
Read more at: Health Courses

Order a group buffet

Order buffet for a group

(order at least a day before)

Please phone or email for availability before ordering

Order for either Vegetarian or Non vegetarian

Order for either Vegetarian orĀ Non vegetarianĀ or both, like Thai Tomyam fish, Indian Thai fish curry, fish Biryani with vegetables.

Non-Vegetarian option available on request at EduKational Restaurant or at your place

About our Vegetarian and Non-vegetarian menus

About our Vegetarian and Non-vegetarian menus

We encourage all our customers to Understand that our menu emphasis is on Vegetarian food.
We will provide non-vegetarian food from our menu on request.
Our Science Evidence based emphasis is on understanding what is healthy food and healthy cooking by healthy methods.
We encourage 'Intelligent Eating' and advise people to add more legumes and plant based fiber loaded food to their balanced diet and, if choosing non-veg foods, eating them in moderation.

Committed to making available only the healthiest food; encouraging people to stay updated, correctly informed on health, nutrition, Healthy Eating, and Healthy Lifestyle.

Legumes and Pulses
the #1 choice for 'Intelligent Eaters'


EduKational Restaurant

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