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Individualy suitable Balanced Diet

Eat Natural foods and herbs, in their natural form as much as possible, as medicines.

Motivation to eat natural healthy food and herbs to benefit from their naturally occurring medicinal properties can help us to live healthier, longer, better health quality lives; in addition it will change our taste buds and we will find only healthy foods are palatable.

Research findings confirm that it is possible to train our brain to cure addiction to junk food and make it crave for only healthy food.

Individually suitable Balanced Diets Explained

Individually suitable Balanced Diets are an essential part of Overall Health

Be clear that good health is not to be found in capsules, tablets, bottled supplements and herbal medicines, or in curing diseases - be it proven or unproven. Instead, curing disease becomes essential when the body catches diseases which are due to, in almost all cases because people are not given correct knowledge on health and nutrition; and because the greedy profit orientated 'health food industry' has a vested interest in promoting our lack of motivation to eat well and live healthy lives.

Our health is not only impacted by what we eat and how we live, but also by what our parents ate and how they lived.

Incorrect knowledge on healthy life style and on what is healthy and unhealthy food, consumption of unhealthy, nutrient poor, calorie laden fiber missing highly processed fast, convenient Junk foods - promoted by our present corrupt social economy and health care system - is the main culprit in causing those 75% of diseases which modern humans are suffering from, and are otherwise actually avoidable.

Keeping note of the science evidence based, peer reviewed suggestions, we will use our Buddhi to investigate and explore individually suitable balanced diet, which works as medicine for staying away from diseases, improvement in health condition, building up strong health, for healthy conception to healthy birth, optimal growth, and for slowing down ageing.

Buddhi is a word of the ancient Indian Pali language which is herein defined as the constant pursuit for raising knowledge, alertness and skeptical thinking; for increasing analytical power, to explore, improve further and control the cognitive ability of mind to avoid preconceived ideas, to perceive things as they are, to gain wisdom for understanding correctly and making wise decisions.

Discussing with your medical doctor on changing diet patterns and following medical advice will be an essential part of the strategy, as some food can adversely interact or interfere with medicines if a person is taking medications.

We may arrive at conclusion on individually suitable healthy balanced diet and lifestyle which may slightly vary from that of the researchers, or government regulatory authorities, because both remain under pressure from political, economic and social systems. Also, at times information on health and nutrition accepted by government, scientific communities, and organization are published in some much respected peer review journals, and become main guideline, but later such information or guidelines sometimes are either found faulty’ or become controversial like ‘Salt controversy’ and the latest confusion on ‘Saturated fat’ and the past stand of the AHA (American Heart Association) on consumption of eggs.

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Besides, poor quality of research studies and involvement of industries in research are among some other factors due to which our opinion, though based on peer reviewed research studies, may differ.
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For example Scientists say that death begins from the stomach. Well, while there is no denial of this fact we find that it is personal character, lack of motivation and correct information provided to people on health, nutrition and on prevention from diseases that are the precursors in causing digestive disorder, acceleration of ageing, leading to diseases, morbiditiy and early mortality:
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Alcohol isn't a nutrient. On the contrary, because alcohol may interfere with nutrient absorption, drinkers may not benefit from all the vitamins and minerals they consume.

Another example of often confusing and misleading advice is that concerning alcohol, for many decades scientists, based on their research findings, were suggesting that consumption of alcohol in moderation was good for health. This notion has been debunked by all recent research and it is now almost universally accepted that the consumption of alcohol in any amount provides no health benefit whatsoever.

no alcohol

We say NO to alcohol. Alcohol isn't a nutrient. On the contrary, because alcohol may interfere with nutrient absorption, drinkers may not benefit from all the vitamins and minerals they consume.
We retain that Alcohol cannot be good for health because it is sense and science to note that cigarettes, alcohol, opium or cannabis, are not foods like tea and coffee.

Alcohol has no health benefit

The latest reliable honest research studies published in highly respected journals and were the main headlines of magazines and newspapers of the world, clearly suggesting that alcohol - even moderate amounts - has no health benefit.

You may visit this site: 'New Study Shows Drinking Alcohol, Even Light-to-Moderate Amounts, Provides No Heart Health Benefit'. Published on 10 July 2014 In BMJ, 2014;349:g4164

It is well known to leaders, politicians and researchers that alcohol drinking even in moderation is bad for health. But they will dare not clearly say the truth because, simply, both the powerful leaders and most of the scientists remain heavily influenced by the present Death Marketing and Death Management system of our society.

The latest reliable honest research studies published in highly respected journals and were the main headlines of magazines and newspapers of the world, clearly suggesting that alcohol has no health benefit.
You may visit this site: ‘New Study Shows Drinking Alcohol, Even Light-to-Moderate Amounts, Provides No Heart Health Benefit’ Published on 10 July 2014 In BMJ, 2014;349:g4164 News_Releases/2014/07/holmes/

Let us Understand and Explore an individually suitable Balanced Diet

Everyone has different dietary needs and needs an Individually Suitable Balanced Diet

We should listen to the words of the ancient adage:

"One man's food is another man's poison."

This is telling us that we need to listen to and understand our bodies needs for an individually suitable diet.

Food in its natural form and when cooked in a healthy way, will contain nutrition and medicinal properties. Nutrition means vitamins, carbohydrate, protein, fats and minerals and water. Whereas the fiber (which is the most important and most neglected properties of food) and the other active chemicals in the food like flavonoid. polyphenol, saponin, sterol and stanol are called phytochemicals which are very powerful naturally occurring medicines in plant, and algea like mushrooms for example.

The main point to note here is that phytochemicals and nutrition contained in the natural foods when eaten, work in combination to enable the body to select and absorb the nutrition, phytochemicals, anti-oxidents and other vital natural chemicals that the body requires for maintaining an optimal physiological and biological function, and to whet its immune system to fight diseases and stress, to heal itself, to prevent and repair damages in the cells and genes. (The conclusion of decades of various honest research studies show us that the extracted form of phytochemicals and nutrition and anti-oxidant, in capsules or other processed forms, do not provide long term health benefit, and rather are hazardous to health instead.)

Where we are born in the world and where we live has an effect on our bodies, so to does the type of local foods that we consume. Modern dietary research shows that, as we know, some foods are good for our bodies and some are not and our bodies adapt to the type of foods that are available to us from birth.

In this age of global agricultural mobility and transport we often have foods available to us that are produced in other parts of the world. This enables us to have health beneficial foods as part of our individually suitable balanced diet that are not grown locally to us; it can, however, lead to unforseen dramatic disasters for overall health, for example the introduction of 'Western' fast food outlets selling unhealthy fat and salt laden beef products into Japan saw a vast increase in obesity and other health issues in the Japanese population (This was mostly attributable to the desire of the money hungry big corporations to expand their profit base worldwide at the expense of the unwitting consumer).

Q: What is a balanced diet?

A: A balanced diet is one, which contains carbohydrate, protein, fat, (MUFA-- mono unsaturated fatty acid; PUFA -- poly unsaturated fatty acid; and SFA -- saturated fatty acid), vitamins, fiber, mineral salts and water in the correct proportions.


Q: Why should we eat a balanced diet?

A: Because the body will succumb to diseases either due to malnutrition, or improper and excess eating.
Your body needs natural food and fluid to live healthier and longer exactly in the same manner a car needs fuel and lubricants for the engine to function. We love our car and listen to and follow very properly the manufacturer in selecting the right kind of fuel and oils, and on do’s and don’ts for correct maintenance of car. But, unfortunately, when it comes to our body we do not listen to nature which is the manufacturer of human body.
ape-to-man Human evolved to procure its nutritional and phytochemical / antioxidant requirements directly from eating natural food, not from supplements and junk food / fruit juices and other junk fluids.

For further science evidence based information on healthy eating and using food as medicine you may get our book 'A Truth on Health' from our Center "Herbs Meditation Center. "

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