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Read about the Health benefits of the food on our Menu: Health benefit

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Note please

It is of Paramount importance to have an understanding of using Food as Herbs & Medicine and Intelligent Eating of individually suitable Balanced Diet, as a part of overall health care, to reap the health benefit of the food, and to avoid health fraud scam.
For more visit Natural Health Evidence Based org

Anyone can be allergic to any food. Food can react positively or negatively with the medicine a person may be taking. Inform your doctor before changing your food pattern.

เมนู - MENU

เปิคทุกวัน Open Daily 6am เช้า Close ปิค 3pm เย็น

อาหารเชา Morning Breakfast 6am

Breakfast Set  ชุคอาหารเช้า  99 Baht

Ovo-Lacto Vegetarian food

Morning breakfast

Recommended set of food for Breakfast

A: (฿99) Breakfast Set:

Breakfast Set

B: (฿99) Breakfast Thai Style:

Breakfast Thai Style

Eat breakfast of your choice

Tea in Pot. Small: (฿45)
Item 1
Tea in Pot


Tea in Pot. Large: (฿65)
Item 1
Tea in Pot


Tea with Herbs (฿20)
Item 2
Green tea with herbs


Athletes Roti (฿20)
Item 3
athletes roti


Egg Omelette (฿45)
Item 4
Egg Omelette


Healthy snacks

Besides other health benefit, promotes gut health, regularizes bowel

Healthy snack for Adults and Children

Item 5
Healthy snack for Adults and Children

Item 5
Healthy snack for Adults and Children

Item 6
Healthy snack in pot

Item 6
Healthy snack in pot

เมนูอาหารกทางวน  Lunch from 10am

Order one day before for vegetarian Buffet Lunch for group at least 5 persons. ฿199.-/per head
จองบุปเฟ่ต์อาหารมังสะวิรัฅล่วงหน้าก่อนหนึ่งวันสำหรับกรุ๊ป ท่านขึ้นไป ฿199

Menu Lunch

Recommended set of Lunch comprises of:

C.  (฿199)    Healthiest Lunch:

Athlete’s Roti Athlete’s Roti Garbanzo Garbanzo
Lentil soup Lentil soup Kaeng Liang Kaeng Liang
Chickpea Somtam Salad Chickpea Somtam Salad Vegetables and herbs Vegetables and herbs
Ladyfinger Ladyfinger Organic Eggs Boiled Organic Eggs
Mixed Vegetables Mixed Vegetables yogurt with fruits yogurt with fruits
Red, Black, Brown rice Red, Black, Brown rice Tea with herbs Tea with herbs
Rajma Curry Rajma Curry Mouth Freshener Mouth FreshenerDried Fruit

Eat Lunch of your choice

Fish-Vegitables Menu

 (Cooked in a separate kitchen)


Biryani: (฿99)
Item 7

Lentil Soup (฿65)
Item 8
Lentil Soup

Chickpea papaya
Salad (฿65)
Item 9
Chickpea papaya

Ladyfinger (฿65)
Item 10


Mixed Veg. (฿75)
Item 11
Mixed Veg.


Rajma (฿65)
Item 12


Garbanzo (฿65)
Item 13


Kaeng Liang (฿65)
Item 14
Kaeng Liang


Athletes' Roti (฿20)
Item 15
Athletes' Roti


Red, Brown, Black
Rice (฿20)
Item 16
Red, Brown, Black Rice


Fish Biryani (฿295)
Item 17
Fish Biryani


TomYam Fish (฿240)
Item 18
TomYam Fish


Fish Curry (฿240)
Item 19
Fish Curry


yogurt with fruits (฿45)
Item 20
yogurt with fruits


Order food for Detox, weight loss, and other Health Conditions

0865488091 0818887223 Email:


16/181 MubanSuksan, lane 3, Viphavadi-58, TaladBangkhen, Luksi, Bangkok 10210

All our food is freshly prepared
All our food is freshly prepared at EduKational Restaurant

You may enjoy eating at EduKational or Order for delivery

Order for Delivery. (Book your order a day before or early morning). This facility is for the customers near or around Viphavadi 58-64 to Kasesart University, Bangkok. 

Order for a group buffet (at least a day before)
Vegetarian or Non vegetarian like Tomyam fish, Indian Thai fish curry, fish Biryani with veg (cooked in a separate kitchen) can also be served at your place or at EduKational Restaurant

Order one day before for vegetarian Buffet Lunch for group at least 5 persons. ฿199.-/per head
จองบุปเฟ่ต์อาหารมังสะวิรัฅล่วงหน้าก่อนหนึ่งวันสำหรับกรุ๊ป 5 ท่านขึ้นไป ฿199

Order for Detox, Pain, weight, diabetes management food to eat at EduKational. (Please order preferable a day before for individual or for a group lunch/breakfast)

Food and edible herbs/spices used in preparing food at EduKational Restaurant, either for general health or for specific health conditions, are totally based on the latest reliable peer reviewed, the honest research studies suggestions on health and nutrition, which are current globally accepted guidelines.

At Edukational foods are cooked in heathy way, lightly cooked lightly fried with only natural fresh edible herbs and spices, healthy oils like rice bran, sunflower, canola, sesame, and olive oil which are high in ALA including omega 3, 6,9,  and in Oryzanol, Ferulic, Enterolactone gamma-Tocopherol Vit-E, are used for cooking and dressings of food.
Sweetening materials are only fruits /dried fruits.

No junk food

At EduKational restaurant … No MSG No industrial convenient food No industrial trans-fat No bottled, prepacked food dressing materials (which contain high added sugar, salt, and trans-fat, saturated fat) No deep fried food No re-using of oil (to avoid acrylamide, furanic compound and aldehyde…Toxicity) No white rice No refined cereals/grains, nor processed food/fluid No fruit juice No soda drinks No table sugar in cooking.