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Understanding ❝Intelligent Eating❞

Business and food

The Greedy Food Industry takes
your money in return for
unhealthy junk food

Intelligent Eaters do not eat what ordinary Restaurants, or the food industry want them to eat.

Intelligent Eaters know and eat, in moderation, an individually suitable  Balanced Diet. They pay money for food for health, and never pay for food which will destroy health and make their body sick.

Since millions of years human faced droughts and scarcity of food, the body is designed and adopted to withstand short period of fasting and less eating. That is why the latest research studies are finding health benefit of intermittent fasting and low calorie intake.

It is very recently that human has started excess eating (due to the rise of fast food Industries) for which body is not prepared to cope… therefor we have the addition of a new medical term related to modern diseases known as Metabolic Disorder which encompasses diseases like obesity, cancer, heart disease, insulin resistance and diabetes.

Human evolved to obtain its nutritional and phytochemical/antioxidant requirements directly from eating natural food, not from supplements and junk food and fluids.
Eating improper, unhealthy become deficient in nutrition and then run for supplementing the deficiency by gobbling capsules, pills, liquid, and powder, is not viable for health and longevity and instead can be hazardous.
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Anyone is an Intelligent Eater if one understands that biochemically and metabolically everyone is different. Hence what food is very suitable and healthy for one can be unhealthy and allergenic to others. Virtually anyone can be allergic to any food.

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Choosing a healthy individually suitable balanced diet, understanding the role of calories /energy, fiber contents, glycemic index and glycemic load of the food is vital for health.

The body needs energy to function and energy comes through the food which we consume. Energy is stored in our body in form of fat in the cells and in form of glycogen in the liver, muscle.

Food provides energy in the body which is measured in another word “Calorie is the measure of the amount of energy the body gets from food and fluid.

For optimal health and for reducing the excess or maintaining a healthy weight, it is important to keep a balance of energy.

Energy comes in the body from eating food, and then the energy is burnt out through the physical activities. If we eat too little food we will use up our store of fat in our body and will become too thin. If we eat too much, especially foods rich in sugar and fat, we will increase our store of fat in the body and will become too fat.

“Calorie in and out” calori-in-out

The phrase “Calorie in and out” or energy in and out, is known to us. But Intelligent Eaters warn that ‘Unhealthy nutrient poor, fiber missing, junk food, fluid, fruit juices, industrial trans-fat - used in cookies and ready snacks, added sugar, deep fried, highly processed carcinogenic food (which can influence growth of cancer, that are abundance around us in restaurant and also inside the hospital premises), will also provide calorie but are bad for health.

Unhealthy Food

In another words we pay for such food to buy diseases, and when we get diseases then we spend our own money and that of Government (public) fund on curing those sicknesses sold to us.

See more at Cartoon Illustration.

Therefore, for balancing of calorie in and calorie out, the most important parameter is the kind of food. That means not only calorie but, the *Glycemic Index and Glycemic Load, the contents of the natural fiber, and other disease protective and health promotive properties of the food, and the varied need of food and fluid for person to person in accordance to his/her body’s condition and energy requirements; these factors should be the criteria in choosing individually suitable diet based on the Suggested guidelines on Daily Need of Energy.

*Glycemic Index and Glycemic Load

Glycemic index indicates how much carbohydrate/sugar the food contains

Glycemic load means how much actual sugar body will get by eating the food (some food in high index if eaten  normally, may not necessarily end up in excess amount of sugar in the body. Watermelon and carrots are examples.


Intelligent Eaters know that any food any moment we put in our mouth, is going to decide whether we get profit or loss in terms of health.

The accumulation of losses over moments, days, months and years due to improper eating - together with using unhealthy cooking methods and materials, smoking and drinking, are the single major underlying cause, among all other factors, responsible for the present global human health scenario of accelerated aging and the steep rise in occurrence of cancers, heart, diabetes, obesity and other diseases.

Eating highly refined food like fiber depleted skin removed cereals and grains, vegetables, fruits, junk foods, processed fluids such as fruit juice and soda drinks, highly processed red meats, poultry and fish present a great risk to health. Force farming of animals, poultry and fish (raised through conventional farming) often means the produce may lack omega-3 EPA, DHA and some other important nutrients, and often contain high levels of amylopectin and other health hazardous substances like antibiotics, hormones, and higher level of toxins like dioxin, furan, mercury and cadmium.


Washington All those instant noodles you eat may put you at risk for heart problems

Research at the University of Massachusetts Medical School (UMMS) suggests that occasional eating even small amounts of those unhealthy foods may produce significant changes in gene expression that could negatively impact physiology and health.

Couple desirous to become father and mother, their unhealthy eating and lifestyle can be likened to teratogen which causes genetic defects and other congenital, birth defects in the fetus (Baby in the mothers’ womb). Parents should not, and have no right to, cause harm (by their health hostile eating and lifestyle) woman-smoking
to their own Baby to be born to them…this is the slogan of Intelligent Eaters man-smoking

The amount of food consumed by fathers could have a direct impact on their unborn children's health and wellbeing,
A baby has a greater risk of asthma if his or her father smoked prior to conception



Mothers' sleep, late in pregnancy, can cause weight gain and other health complicacy in offspring as adult Mothers' sleep, late in pregnancy, dispose offspring to weight gain, and other health complications as adults.   


What your father ate could affect your health.
University of Copenhagen, The Faculty of Health and Medical Sciences.

❝Let us campaign for granting every human a right to be born in health by making it mandatory for couples to adopt a healthy eating and life style a year before becoming a parent❞

..United Global Human

Intelligent Eaters pursue for *Buddhi  for understanding "Correct Information" and empower themselves with science evidence based knowledge on medicinal and nutritional contents and values of the food, for further exploring specifically, Individually suitable “Balanced Diet” and eating mindfully, properly, and in moderation to remain in vibrant health throughout the life.

For true knowledge and facts, we depend on the scientific research studies. But then some of the Researchers can receive money from the industries and can cook the research studies to produce a result which looks science evidence based but actually can be a fake, a fraud.

Among myriads of examples of scientific fraud, the R. K. Chandra multivitamin episode can be seen here: Chandra

Most Scientists and their research studies, the members of the Board of advisor to Government or to the highly trusted organization may get caught by the powerful tactful tentacles of Marketing.  Besides, human error, bad design of research studies, flaws, prejudices and personal interest of the lead researchers have constantly been a regular feature behind most of the controversies, disagreement on the findings of studies.

Honest, well done research studies carried out by committed honest researchers, which are funded/supported by government or trusted organizations, institution and others, and which are protected from the infiltration of vested interests, findings of such studies on health and nutrition, sometimes are either disposed as inconclusive or if the suggestion given based on evidences, then in a very scary manner making it difficult for the common people to understand and follow. It is so because our economy is based on selling health and cures.

…Most of us, commons to doctors to even sometimes renowned Scientists and Nobel laureate, get to know and recommend to others, what the vested interests want us to know and do.
Example is that, presently, most of us believe, because of high tech marketing methods, that taking mega-doses of certain vitamins will act like medicine to cure or prevent certain ailments. For instance, vitamin C is suggested as a cure for the common cold, and vitamin E supplement is widely promoted as a beneficial antioxidant to help prevent heart disease; but the decades of extensive large scale research studies, involving large meta-analysis till date, have consistently been suggesting that there is no health benefit in taking anti-oxidant, supplements or mega-doses of vitamin supplements.
Contrary to the present belief of many people and clinicians, there is some evidence that taking high-dose supplements to prevent or cure major chronic diseases, such as heart disease and cancer, may be harmful to health.

The Cochrane review did not find any proof that antioxidant dietary supplements prevent cancer or other life-threatening diseases. Excessive doses can even increase the risk.

Antioxidant dietary supplements do not help prevent cancer and other life-threatening conditions. Excessive doses of the antioxidants vitamin A, vitamin E and beta carotene can even increase the risk of dying sooner.
PubMed Health

Therefore let us use our *Buddhi, logic, and eat natural, proper and healthy because "No supplements can supplant natural food". At times supplements can become essential, "in such case, let us follow the advice of honest medical doctors, not the industries", Intelligent Eaters suggest.


Intelligent Eaters are Gurus of their own they do not search for, or follow Hoki Poki gurus who either have a little knowledge on health or without any knowledge of chemistry or physiology but are inspired to provide health information on health or cures either for their mercenaries gain or for their name and fame.
In many developing countries, clerics have become most suitable tools of vested interest to market unnecessary, unhealthy products and devices to be sold easily along with some healthy products.

Intelligent Eaters do clearly understand that health cannot be purchased. Health is in our correct knowledge and in making efforts to protect the body from diseases and unhealthy unnatural aging (untimely become old). Cure becomes essential only when health has deteriorated and lost. Therefore, for health, quality of life, and reducing poverty, It prudent to spending money on healthy eating and on protection of health to avoid wasting  of money on curing of those 75% of diseases modern human are presenlty suffering from like Cancer, diabetes, and others, including CVD (Heart diseases) which are actually avoidable.

✴ Should drug firms make payments to doctors? BBC News, Washington   

✴ Should Doctors Be 'Selling' Drugs For The Pharmaceutical Industry?." BMJ-British Medical Journal.  

For further Reading you may obtain a booklet on 'Intelligent Eating' from our Herbs Meditation Center.
Information contained in the Booklet is Science & Evidence based.


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